CAIZcoin: Trusted
and Certified by Top
Islamic Scholars

Legitimately Certified, Compliant with Fiqh Principles

All CAIZcoin systems and operations are continuously overseen and certified by a high Committee of Muslim scholars, ensuring adherence and legitimacy to Islamic financial principles and laws. All our products in circulation and in existence have been thoroughly approved and fully embody the paradigms and requirements demanded. Access the comprehensive list of Fatwas validating the adherence of all our products below:

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a Fatwa?

    A Fatwa is an important religious ruling given by authorized Islamic scholars known as muftis. It gives guidance on multiple aspects of life according to Islamic beliefs. Fatwas address a wide range of themes and help Muslims in making faith-based decisions. They have a significant impact on religious customs, social norms, ethics, and financial issues. Fatwas are a crucial tool for the Muslim community as they provide profound insight and practical guidance that help people deal with life's challenges while adhering to their faith's core principles.

  • Are all of CAIZcoin's products approved and compliant with Islamic requirements?

    Yes, all CAIZcoin products go through a rigorous approval procedure and are precisely crafted to meet Islamic requirements. CAIZcoin's systems and activities are constantly monitored and verified by a distinguished Committee of Muslim scholars, assuring full conformity to Islamic financial principles and rules. This commitment to respecting Islamic requirements guarantees that customers are able to interact with CAIZcoin's products with trust, knowing that they adhere to the ethical and moral standards established by Islamic teachings.

  • How can non-Muslim individuals benefit from using CAIZcoin's approved products?

    Non-Muslims can benefit from CAIZcoin-approved products in plenty of ways. CAIZcoin's openness and compliance foster trust and confidence among all users, regardless of religious views. Non-Muslims can also benefit from the potential benefits of money and diversification options offered by the digital asset industry, and the stability and long-term focus Islamic finance brings.

  • What Islamic financial principles that CAIZcoin's products embody?

    CAIZcoin's products embody several core Islamic financial principles including:
    (I) the prohibition of interest (riba) ensures that no exploitative methods are used in the financial transactions.
    (II) asset-backed investments (tangible assets), making sure that investments are based on actual, tangible assets rather than speculative or risky enterprises.
    (III) avoiding investments in businesses that are considered unethical or harmful to society (haram).
    (IV) a focus on fairness and justice in every transaction and interaction so that a true win-win situation for all participants is created.

  • Why is it important for CAIZcoin to have a comprehensive list of Fatwas validating the adherence of its products?

    For CAIZcoin, having a complete list of Fatwas certifying the compliance of its products is essential for various reasons. To a start, it assures users and stakeholders that CAIZcoin's products have been properly evaluated and authorized by recognized Islamic scholars. The comprehensive list of Fatwas provides a clear reference for anyone to comprehend the Islamic compliance of each product. It enables users to make educated decisions and guarantees that they can engage with CAIZcoin's solutions with faith, knowing that they are in accordance with Islamic financial principles.