Our name, CAIZcoin (jāʾiz), represents our commitment to preserving the values of lawfulness, trustworthiness, and legitimacy in all that we do. We prioritize inclusion, justice, safety, and philanthropy by adhering to Fiqh-compliant financial principles.

A Fiqh-compliant financial model is centered on principles such as the prohibition of Riba (interest), asset-backed transactions, and limits on funding Haram (banned) ventures.

This approach is decisively different from traditional financial systems and provides countless benefits to investors.

First and foremost, a Fiqh-compliant financial model protects investors and their assets. Unlike traditional interest rates, a Fiqh-compliant structure allows for equity participation, with investors sharing risks and gains. Likewise, a Fiqh-compliant system emphasizes equity and places itself on parity with investors.

Activity screenings are built on clear principles that prioritize social utility rather than solely focusing on profit potential.

A Fiqh-compliant financial model has a long-term and positive impact on society and appeals to investors who are increasingly looking for evidence of good intentions. This is possible through a drive for transparent cooperation and the avoidance of industries that can contribute to harm.

Our ambition at CAIZcoin is to bring financial instruments to users who do not have access to traditional financial systems, while simultaneously providing a more simplified and congenial model to those who are already in the finance sector.