We developed and introduced a new financial architecture that combines the advantages of decentralized (De) and centralized (Ce) systems, giving rise to the distinctive DeCe acronym.

Our mission is to secure a safe and inclusive environment that allows our community to capitalize on the opportunities provided by new digital systems. We can offer lower fees and a faster and more transparent framework based on high moral principles by balancing operations and instruments.

Importantly, our users always maintain complete ownership and control over their data, deciding what to disclose and when.

The benefits of our integrated system are self-evident: a more streamlined and efficient financial system that empowers both individuals and enterprises. But that's not all. CAIZcoin is at the forefront of this exciting transformation as the digital shift toward decentralized systems creates new resources and opportunities.

We want to be equipped for the next stage of the global economy.


Terms to know


As the name implies, decisions in a centralized financial system are made by a central authority that issues directives on how resources shall be properly managed and distributed, determining their value. It is a system that we all encounter on a daily basis, whether willingly or unwillingly, from banks to social networks like Facebook.

The balancing act under a centralized system is to consider the well-being of the community, establish regulatory bodies, and attempt to build general security that encourages growth and investments.


In a centralized system, we may experience it every day without our free will, but with a decentralized financial system, we have the choice to participate and learn how to use it to our advantage. The decentralized system is composed of many independent actors distributed across different time zones, with most market decisions based on system mechanisms, rather than a central authority.

Everything happens quickly in this system: opportunities, exchanges, and outcomes. This brings forth greater adaptability and an ambition to keep up with market demands. This environment encourages the development of experimentation, which frequently results in innovation in existing solutions.